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Tickets: Arise My Love October 10

Rev. Ruth Christman is pleased to host this year's "Come Away Event" with Rev. Alta Hatcher and Rev. Teresa Lusk.

Get Tickets Early for availability.

Email: [email protected]

​Rev. Alta Hatcher

Rev. Alta graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute in 1983. She holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Arts in Pastoral Psychology from Clarion School of Ministry and a Doctor of Religious Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology with Integrity Seminary. She is also a Board certified Pastoral Counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Alta currently is on the advisory board of Christ for the Nations. Alta speaks at conferences globally and assists Ginger Lindsay with CFN annual Voice of Healing Conference. Currently she is an Adjunct Instructor at Christ For The Nations Institute and Presbyter of The Fellowship of Ministers and Churches / CFN.

She established/directed the Healing Ministry at CFN along with Ginger Lindsay the Executive overseer; and was the Director of the Advanced Leadership and Pastoral School (ALPS).

She currently President of Vine Dressers Inc., a ministry that serves the church at large. Rev. Alta has assisted her late husband, Jack in pastoral ministry and Christian education for several decades. She joined with her husband Jack serving the International Christian Mission, Inc.

They loved to minister on marriage and have served as counselors, as well as pastors and superintendents within the Foursquare Church. The Hatcher’s enjoy family gatherings with their three (3) grown children and nine (9) grandchildren and four (4) great-grandchildren celebrating Jesus together.

Rev. Teresa Lusk  

Spea​ker and Counselor

Teresa understands that the supernatural life in Christ is still for today and should be a way of living for every Christian. 

While Teresa endured many heartaches, both self-imposed and brought on by others, she has not allowed that to hold her back. Although she dropped out in the eighth grade, she is not the "8th-grade dropout". Teresa’s education includes her GED, an Associate of Arts in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis in Psychology, Religion, and Biblical Counseling, and she earned a Masters in Professional Counseling.

Teresa also has a television program, Freedom TV with Teresa Lusk, where she ministers a transparent message of empowerment and deliverance along with occasional special guests. Teresa’s testimony has been aired on 100 Huntley Street and Full Circle. Teresa has also written several books, including; Unapologetically Free: Deliverance and Freedom through the Spirit-Filled Life, Prayers that Change Us, and Good Enough to be a Homemaker and CEO. Teresa Lusk Ministries will be expanding her preaching ministry to internet radio starting in 2020.

(Photo: Teresa Left)

Bobbie J. Cox – Founder/CEO

Bobbie J. Cox founded Postal Vault in 1998 in pursuit of capturing the ultimate design in residential mail security to ‘brand’ the ‘unbranded’ category of mailboxes.

Bobbie founded Branch to Hope, a nonprofit 501 C-3 foundation, and works extensively in Germany and Mexico to offer an awareness of alternative medical treatments in other parts of the world. Bobbie’s foundation has assisted upwards of 100 patients internationally towards a preventative, improved and extended quality of life. 

 Bobbie is authoring a book,  NOAH will bring together brilliant alternative medical minds from around the world in a collaborative environment to work in a philanthropic setting, researching the root causes of cancer and other under-researched diseases through a non-pharmaceutical methodology without profitability or notoriety as the focus. Bobbie is committed to her projects with passionate devotion to create a legacy of making a difference that will leave a lasting imprint in lives she encounters.

Darlene Ritterscamp - Teacher and Artist

Darlene is an amazingly gifted communicator with over 40 years of experience teaching the precepts and stories of the Bible. She has a gift of evangelism and has led ministry trips to Europe.