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Venues and Sessions

Ruth has ministered to all types of audiences including Sunday morning church services, conventions, women's groups and events, secular clubs and training events, youth camps, and mission trips. She carefully develops all of her talks to convey the themes of the event planner. Her talks  focus in many directions from sharing her own life story , to training seminars and expository preaching.

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God's Prophetic Word to America!

Ruth's ministers in different capacities including teaching, preaching, prophetic ministry. She hears the Spirit of God and will minister healing, and powerful promises that will free the oppressed. Music is a big part of transferring the peace of God. Ruth comes prepared to lead in music and song.  Ruth hears God's word and reveals it for You and Your life!

Weddings and Dedications

 Ruth has over 10 years experience in officiating weddings and dedicating special events. She will come well prepared with a ceremony structure that includes vows and a blessing prayer  for your wedding and spiritual event.  


Ruth travels at her own expense and provides her own room and board.

You may provide these expenses but it is not required.  A love offering will be received in her sessions for her ministry with your consent. 

Do You Need A Wedding Minister?

Call Rev. Ruth Christman  ~  214.675.1740

Thank You for making our wedding special with a beautiful ceremony.

 We appreciate all the elegant words of blessing. We will remember our wedding day with fond memories!  Heidi and Quest

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