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The RAINBOW is to indicate a PROMISE from GOD!

The first Rainbow ever was placed in the sky by God as a PROMISE to Noah that never again would He flood the entire earth with water. Genesis 9:13 - Today the rainbow has become a symbol of PRIDE!

I recently received this letter from our Israeli friends. I thought it so important I have included it here for you to focus in prayer this month. Blessings, Ruth Christman-Newberry

Copied from The MAOZ Prayer Letter of Shani Ferguson.... Please Read and Pray!


1. Concerning Conviction: As you may have noticed, it’s “pride” month everywhere—including Israel. While Israelis tend to vote right-of-center because of issues of security and land, socially, Jews are notoriously liberal. I would go so far as to say that on social matters Israelis are amoral—lacking any sense of right or wrong.

During this month, many Israeli and American news and social media outlets have highlighted posts of people “proud to be …” whatever it is they feel they can now be. One of the posts I came across highlighted a guy who told of the “old days” when he would sneak to a video machine and rent porn. He would then feel terribly dirty and shower to try to remove the filth he felt. He concluded that today he is proud that he can do what he wants and not feel anything negative about his actions.

The topic of his post—and all other activities being celebrated this month—didn’t break my heart as much as the description of this man’s process of hardening his heart to the wooing of the Spirit of God. Conviction—that negative sensation we get pointing to a clear and specific sin we’ve committed—is not our enemy! It is a gift from God. Even in the medical field, pain from an injury is often seen as a good sign, evidence that the injured area is still vibrant and working to get back to a healthy place. While it may not feel good, conviction is the evidence that we are still being invited into a relationship with God should we choose to repent. When we stop feeling, that’s when we should start worrying.

Father, You are good and Your end game is good for those who follow Your path.

You promised You would give Israel a heart of flesh instead of her heart of stone—may it happen in our day.

Let the purification begin in us so that we can be the proof of Your power and ability to do the same in others. Create in us a new, clean heart, O God, filled with clean thoughts and right desires. (Psalm 51:10)

Against everything they are being told in the media—Help Israelis and Americans to view Your wooing and the discomfort it can create in the beginning—as a good thing.

No matter how “good” it may feel in the beginning, sin always leads to death of the soul, to misery and destruction. 

Be there ready and waiting for Israel and America when she realizes her error and is brought to her knees before You.

Many voices have risen to try to make sense of the confusion children and teens experience as they grow into their adult bodies. 

Raise up voices who would clearly speak Your truth that brings life to both the body and the soul.

2. Concerning Roots: It is no secret that the issue of gender and sexual orientation has caused division among believers. As with most things, it’s tempting to get caught up in the intensity of addressing the symptoms rather than the root issues. But in prayer, I believe it’s more effective. 

So for this week’s prayer points, we will address two issues;

1) Pride—which took down Lucifer, one of the most magnificent creatures God ever made—is not a friend to be celebrated in any form. 

2) The family unit—A home with a both a father and a mother who have committed to building a life together before the Lord—was designed to be both the safest place for children to grow into healthy adults, 

and the ideal place to learn about and experience God.

Please Pray...... Father, You alone are the Maker of all. You alone get to decide what is right and wrong.

We seek You during this month where pride itself is not only being celebrated—but demanded of all.

We ask for a spirit of brokenness before You to come on Israel, America —and all our nations.

Let the power of humility become evident as the medicine that can heal so many wounds.

Protect the children from the teaching that pride and arrogance will set them free.

Protect children from indoctrination against their parents.

You are a holy God and to be near You is a privilege and never a demand. 

Let it become evident to all, that those who demand adherence to their truth do not speak for You.

Give wisdom to parents on what people, shows, music, etc. to guard their children against.

Remove ungodly leaders from places of authority and influence over children.

Open doors and provide divine appointments for families to connect with other families who are pursuing You passionately.

Meet families in their homes—let them all recognize that their home is the safest place for them.

The evidence of the tree is in the fruit! 

Let healthy families who stand by Your word become a light to those around them and a haven for those seeking You!

Nothing is new under the sun! You have healed peoples and lands before, You can do it again!

Your fellow intercessors, - Kobi and Shani Ferguson and the entire Maoz Israel Team 

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